Table 2.

T-cell–directed killing of target cells by EGFR and PSMA TriTACs.

TriTAC configuration
Cell lineTargetCalculationT:C:AT:A:CC:T:AC:A:TA:T:CA:C:T
EC50 no HSA (pmol/L)
NCI-H1563EGFR-9G8EC50 with HSA (pmol/L)4517115199564277
fold change351220368246
EC50 no HSA (pmol/L)2.02.15361,0832,3631,880
NCI-H1563EGFR-7D12EC50 with HSA (pmol/L)7.85.02,1854,2943,9442,041
fold change3.
EC50 no HSA (pmol/L)
CAPAN2EGFR-9G8EC50 with HSA (pmol/L)107.323867169
fold change75791114
EC50 no HSA (pmol/L)1.52.1314934854927
CAPAN2EGFR-7D12EC50 with HSA (pmol/L)2.02.15361,0832,3631,880
fold change1.
EC50 no HSA (pmol/L)7.27.421434354
22Rv1EGFR-9G8EC50 with HSA (pmol/L)7938265693799603
fold change11513161911
EC50 no HSA (pmol/L)13853Inactive374141Inactive
22Rv1PSMAEC50 with HSA (pmol/L)2,976574Inactive10,0206,185Inactive
fold change22112744
  • Note: TDCC EC50 values for TriTACs in six configurations targeting two different epitopes on EGFR or one epitope on PSMA in the absence or presence of HSA. In italics are the calculated fold changes the EC50 values with added HSA versus those lacking HSA.