Table 1.

Binding-affinity measurements for EGFR and PSMA TriTACs.

TriTAC configuration
EGFR-9G8 TriTACsEGFR KD (nmol/L)0.40.845554849
CD3 KD (nmol/L)
HSA KD (nmol/L)221818174.13.8
EGFR-7D12 TriTACsEGFR KD (nmol/L)1.51.7175202123181
CD3 KD (nmol/L)
HSA KD (nmol/L)171214173.53.1
PSMA TriTACsPSMA KD (nmol/L)173242512540
CD3 KD (nmol/L)
HSA KD (nmol/L)242134223.53.5
  • Note: Biolayer interferometry was used to measure the binding affinity of EGFR-9G8, EGFR-7D12, and PSMA TriTAC proteins in six configurations for CD3, HSA, and EGFR or PSMA. The TriTAC configurations are described in Fig. 1. The anti–EGFR-9G8 and -7D12 sequences bind distinct epitopes on EGFR (28).