Table 1.

Determination of FG129 and CH129 functional affinity for sialyl-Lewisa-APD-HSA and cancer cell surface.

SPR Real-time sialyl-Lewisa-APD-HSA bindinga,bFACS Cell surface bindingELISA Sialyl-Lewisa- APD-HSA binding
mAbAssociation rate, kon (1/Ms)Dissociation rate, koff (1/s)Dissociation constant, Kd (nmol/L)Dissociation constant, Kd (nmol/L)Half maximal effective concentration, EC50 (nmol/L)
FG1296.2 × 1051.1 × 10–40.18210.3
CH1294.5 × 1058.2 × 10−50.18590.6
  • aHigh-density SPR chip.

  • bThe apparent binding affinity for FG129 and CH129 on the low-density chip was 43 nmol/L and 21 nmol/L, respectively.