Table 2.

List of ALK rearrangements in primary tumora and posttreatment lesionb

Patient IDPFS (months)TimeTechnologyALK ExonPartner (exon, variant)Supporting readsALK mutation
0034PostRNAseqE20EML4 (E6, V3)NA
0041.6PreWES, RNAseqE20EML4 (E6, V3)14/105
PostWES, RNAseqE20EML4 (E6, V3)30/169
0074.5PreWESE20EML4 (E13, V1)31/190
0111.6PreWES, RNAseqE20EML4 (E6, V3)104/450
PostWES, RNAseqE20EML4 (E6, V3)56/518
01326.9PostWESE20HIP1 (E28)78/440G1202R
01522.4PreWESE20GCC2 (E18)3
01629.5PreWESE20EML4 (E6, V3)20/369
01714PreWESE20EML4 (E13, V1)15/401
01818.7PreWESE20EML4 (E18, V5)33/200
0210.98cPreWESE20CEP55 (E3)3
0221.5PreWESE20EML4 (E6, V3)12/422
02540.7dPreWESE20ERC1 (E15)5/57
  • aIdentified as pre in time column.

  • bIdentified as post in time column.

  • cPatient discontinued because of drug toxicity.

  • dPatient currently on study.