Table 1.

MEN1309/OBT076 cytotoxicity and CD205 expression in human cancer cell lines

Cell lineTissueEC50qRT-PCRFACSIHC Score
(nmol/L)(RCN)(No. antigen per cell)(Cell block)
 THP-1Peripheral blood0.6617,205++
 HCC-1806Breast (TNBC)0.810.387,337+
 HCC-70Breast (TNBC)0.710.26++/+
 SW780Urinary bladder0.260.238,000++
 5637Urinary bladder0.17
 HCC-1143Breast (TNBC)0.820.12++/+
 MDA-MB-468Breast (TNBC)0.370.12+++
 MDA-MB-231Breast (TNBC)0.057
 TOLEDOPeripheral blood0.05798
 HT1376Urinary bladder0.050
 ScaBERUrinary bladder0.040
 BT-20Breast (TNBC)<0.01
 TCC-SUPUrinary bladder<0.01
 HT1197Urinary bladder36.23<0.010
 UMUC3Urinary bladder<0.010
  • NOTE: The expression of CD205 was characterized in a panel of human cancer cell lines of different histotypes. qRT-PCR was used to evaluate the expression level of CD205 mRNA, and the results were expressed as RCN. The expression level of CD205 protein was determined by measuring the number of surface antigen per cells using quantitative FACS and assessing the antigen expression in tissue sections by IHC staining. −, not tested; 0, no staining; +, weak staining; ++, moderate staining; +++, strong staining.

  • Abbreviation: RCN, relative copy number.