Table 1.

Multivariate analysis of relapse-free survival of HCC and CRC (stage 0–IIIC) cases by Cox's proportional hazard model

HCCParametersNumberHR (95% CI)P value
Sex (male/female)114/140.54 (0.28–1.12)0.093
Tumor number (>2/1)55/732.37 (1.50–3.79)0.0003
Histology (poor/well or moderate)31/961.57 (0.93–2.59)0.09
ARL4C expression (positive/negative)33/951.62 (0.97–2.66)0.066
CRCParametersNumberHR (95% CI)P value
Lymphatic invasion (positive/negative)60/413.29 (0.94–15.17)0.063
Lymph node metastasis (positive/negative)34/681.93 (0.80–4.96)0.14
ARL4C expression (positive/negative)25/774.51 (1.98–10.61)0.0004
  • NOTE: Multivariate analysis was performed using covariates of which P value was under 0.05 in univariate analysis (Supplementary Table S2), and covariates associating with the expression of ARL4C (Supplementary Table S1) were excluded to avoid the multicollinearity. Child pugh score and lymph node metastasis were excluded from multivariate analysis because of small number of events.

  • Abbreviations: CI, confidence interval; CRC, colorectal cancer.