Table 1.

BRG1 gene mutations in lung cancer cell lines

Cell lineNucleotide changeExonPredicted effect
NCI-H661c.3476delGExon 25p.Leu1162fs
NCI-H1299c.1677_1761del85Exon 10p.Tyr560fs
HCC15c.805delCExon 5p.Met272fs
A549c.2184_2206del23Exon 15p.Gln729fsThr
  • NOTE: A total of four lung cancer cell lines (A549, H661, H1299, and HCC15) were included in the study. BRG1 gene mutation screening was performed on cDNA (RefSeq mRNA sequence NM_003072.2), and changes were verified in the matched genomic DNA (Homo sapiens chromosome 19 reference assembly NC_000019.8). The A of the ATG translation initiation start site was considered as +1.