Table 1.

XIAP and PPARγ protein expression on GCT tissue microarraya

GCT tissue microarray (n = 76: 52 primary tumors only; 4 recurrent tumors only)b
Markern (%)n (%)
XIAP24 (32)52 (68)
PPARγ27 (36)49 (64)
  • aStaining was analyzed using “positive pixel count v9” algorithm in the Aperio ImageScope version (Leica Biosystems). Percentage of positive (brown) staining indicating protein levels was determined as low (0%–30%), medium (31%–79%), or high (>80%).

  • bEach sample represents a GCT collected from an individual patient. Of the 52 primary tumors, 20 have multiple samples and 4 patients have developed recurrent diseases, which were included in the cohort. The tumor samples with both primary and recurrent cores were scored medium/high for XIAP and PPARγ expression.