Table 2.

Results of gene set enrichment analysis for OS

Good prognosisRegulation of DNA replication−2.2650.235Movement of cell or subcellular component−2.7220.034
Leukocyte migration−2.6030.042
Small-molecule metabolic process−2.4020.060
Cell chemotaxis−2.4030.071
Regulation of protein maturation−2.3540.072
Positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter in response to stress−2.2950.078
Ion homeostasis−2.3020.083
Cell motility−2.4090.086
Response to hormone−2.2300.091
Bad prognosisDNA metabolic process2.6940.015
DNA repair2.7000.030
Cellular response to DNA damage stimulus2.4720.047
Mitotic cell cycle2.4890.055
Cell-cycle process2.3390.066
Negative regulation of chromosome segregation2.3480.069
Protein modification by small protein conjugation or removal2.3530.077
Negative regulation of cellular protein catabolic process2.3690.083
Protein phosphorylation2.2800.084
Peptidyl amino acid modification2.2480.092
  • Abbreviation: NES, normalized enrichment score.