Table 1.

Patient clinical, pathologic, and genetic data

Patient #1Patient #2Patient #3
Age at diagnosis575361
Histologic gradeIVIVIV
TherapySurgery + radiotherapy + chemotherapySurgery + radiotherapy + chemotherapySurgery + radiotherapy + chemotherapy
Time to recurrence (months)769
Postrecurrence therapyReresection + radiotherapyRadiotherapyRadiotherapy+ chemotherapy
Overall survival (months)12918
MGMT statusPartially methylatedFully unmethylatedFully methylated
EGFR statusNot amplifiedNot amplifiedAmplified
IDH1 statusMutated (395G>A)Mutated (395G>A)Wild-type
IDH2 statusWild-typeWild-typeWild-type
TP53Wild-typeMutated (380C>T)Wild-type
1p/19q codeletionPresentAbsentAbsent
  • NOTE: Anagraphical, pathologic, clinical and genetic data of patients of samples were used in the study. Radiotherapy: 60 Gy (30 fractions). Chemotherapy: 75 mg/m2 TMZ, per os, daily, concurrently to radiotherapy, followed by 200 mg/m2 TMZ, per os, days 1 to 5, every 28 days, 6 cycles. Postrecurrence therapy: radiotherapy: 60 Gy (30 fractions); chemotherapy: 80 mg/m2 carmustine (BCNU), days 1 to 3, every 8 weeks, 3 cycles. Time to recurrence: time between the surgery and the appearance of tumor relapse at MRI. Overall survival: time between diagnosis and patient death. Fully methylated: promoter methylation of both alleles; partially methylated: promoter methylation of one allele. Amplified: > 2 copies of EGFR genes; not amplified: < 2 copies of EGFR gene. IDH: isocitrate dehydrogenase.