Table 1.

Strategies for targeting lncRNA in cancer therapy

siRNA, ASO, miRNARNA degradationSpecific, potent effectStability, delivery
Cas9Gene knockout, DNA editing, gene mutation, etc.Versatile and long-term effectGenomic context dependent, PAM requirement, targeting efficiency, in vivo delivery
PspCas13bRNA cleavageProgrammable targeting, less sequence constraintTargeting efficiency, in vivo delivery
REPAIR (dCas13-ADAR)RNA editingProgrammable editingTargeting efficiency, in vivo delivery
Small moleculesRNA bindingConvenient in vivo deliveryNonspecificity, nonprogrammable targeting
  • Abbreviations: ADAR, adenosine deaminase acting on RNA; Cas9, CRISPR-associated 9; dCas13, catalytically inactive PspCas13b; PspCas13b, CRISPR-associated 13 from Prevotella sp. P5-125; REPAIR, RNA Editing for Programmable A to I Replacement.