Table 2.

EC50 valuesa (ng ADC/mL) for αCD30 glucuronide-based DAR 8 ADCs

ADC cytotoxicity
CD30 expression, MDR statusCell linepayload:Tub(OAc)Tub(OEt)Tub(OiVal)
CD30+, MDRL540cy, HL1.1 ng/mL4.62.1
Karpas299, ALCL0.650.930.90
DEL, ALCL2.11.80.90
CD30+, MDR+DEL/BVR, ALCL3.34.7390 (48%)b
L428, HL0.46 (17%)4.3 (29%)>1,000 (58%)
CD30, MDRU266luc, MM>1,000>1,000>1,000
1:1 CD30+:CD30, MDR1:1 L540cy:U266luc5.62.41.8
  • aCells were treated for 96 hours, then assessed for cell viability as described in Materials and Methods.

  • b%Viability is shown when >10% at the highest dose tested.