Table 1.

Antitumor effect of SCC244 in PDX models with MET aberration used in our study

NumberTumor typeModelsMET statusCopy numberaTGI (%)Treatment responseb
1NSCLCLU1902Amp24.394.38 (5 SD, 3 PD)
2NSCLCLU2503Amp, MET ex1415.4107.38 (4 CR, 4 PR)
3NSCLCLU2071Overexpression3.4112.38 (1 PR, 6 SD, 1 PD)
4NSCLCLU-01-0439Overexpression3.3115.88 (8 PR)
5HCCLI0612Amp28.1112.18 (1 CR, 3 PR, 4 SD)
6HCCLI-03-0022Amp5.387.75 (1 PR, 4 PD)
7HCCLI-03-0117Amp5.1104.25 (5 PR)
8HCCLI-03-0240Amp5.689.25 (1 SD, 4 PD)
9HCCLI-03-0317Amp5.5112.95 (2 PR, 3 SD)
  • Abbreviations: Amp, amplification; CR, complete response; HCC, hepatocellular carcinoma; NSCLC, non-small cell lung cancer; PD, progressive disease; PR, partial response; SD, stable disease; TGI, tumor growth inhibition.

  • aMET copy number of individual PDX model was obtained using whole exome sequencing provided by Crownbio and SNP6.0 chip by WuXi AppTec, respectively.

  • bResponse in individual mouse of PDX model was also evaluated on the basis of the RECIST guideline, version 1.1