Table 1.

Number of tumor-bearing KP mice assigned to each experimental group

BNL, Upton, NYDuke University, Durham, NC
Untreated controlsa 28Untreated controlsa 10
Received 10 Gy CITb,c 24Received 20 Gy X-raysa 12
Embedded Image Followed for growth delaya 16Embedded Image Anesthetized with ketamineb,d 8
Embedded Image Harvested for tissue analysise 7Embedded Image Anesthetized with isofluranef 4
    Embedded Image 4 hours posttreatment1Received 25 Gy X-raysa,f 8
    Embedded Image 24 hours posttreatment3Received 30 Gy X-raysf 17
    Embedded Image 48 hours posttreatment3Embedded Image Followed for growth delaya 8
Embedded Image Harvested for tissue analysise 9
    Embedded Image 24 hours posttreatment4
    Embedded Image 48 hours posttreatment5
  • aFollowed for growth delay.

  • bAnesthetized with intraperitoneal ketamine and xylazine.

  • cOne mouse moved out of treatment portal during CIT and was thus omitted from all analyses.

  • dTwo mice treated with 20 Gy X-rays succumbed prior to tumor quintupling and were thus omitted from the quintupling time analysis.

  • eHarvested for tissue analysis.

  • fAnesthetized with isoflurane.