Table 4.

Comprehensive genomic profiling of archival tumor tissue for common genomic alterations and total mutation burden and outcomes

IDCancer typeMolecular alterationsTotal mutation burden in mutation/MbirRC response %Time to treatment failure in months
5Anaplastic thyroid carcinomaNF1 I1845fs*13, VHL E52*, CDKN2A/B loss5250.9
6Hurthle cell thyroid carcinomaDAXX C629fs*16, RB1 D68fs*37, TP53 R175H3−142.1
7Immature teratomaNo abnormality3−1528.5+
9SCCHNNo abnormalityNot done251.6
10LeiomyosarcomaPTEN loss, TP53 217V_218VinsVPYERPE≤1861.3
11Renal cell carcinomaBAP1 splice site 375+2T>C, PBRM1 F786fs*53323.7
12ChondrosarcomaNOTCH2 C1400*, SETD2 K1486fs*3≤1222.5
13LeiomyosarcomaEGFR CNV, AURKB CNV eq, C17orf39 CNV eq, RB1 loss, TP53 loss7251.5
16Uterine carcinosarcomaTP53 K132R5251.8
19Renal medullary carcinomaSMARCB1 splice site 603_628+26del52, SETD2 G1690fs*15, SPTA1 splice site 2996+2T>A5763.4
20MelanomaaNF1 loss, GNAQ Q209P, NRAS Q61H sub, ATR splice site 4267_4267-1GG>AA, CKN2A/B, RB1 E50*, ARID2 R274*, ARID2 F1237fs*6, BCOR R810*81132.1
22Renal cell carcinomaMYC CNV, SF3B1 D781G≤1681.9
26Adrenocortical carcinomaNo abnormality5311.2
27Adrenocortical carcinomaERBB3 CNV EQ, FGFR4 CNV EQ, MAP2K2 CNV EQ, CCNE1 CNV4223.0
28LeiomyosarcomaTP53 C135Y, KDM6A Q679fs*12, RB1 loss, ATRX E492*5991.8
30Hodgkin lymphomaIGH-SOCS1 rearrangement10−797.2+
32LeiomyosarcomaRB1 L337fs*12, TP53 G266R4245.0
  • aPatient received prior ipilimumab.