Table 1.

Subjects 1 and 2—demographics and molecular analyses

Case No.Age/sexDiagnosisTissue NGSa,cDate of tissuebiopsy for NGS and siteAscites cfDNAbDate of ascites acquisition/cytology Positivity/DNA yield
164/manAdenocarcinoma of the lung, metastasis to pleura and peritoneumCDK4 amplificationMarch 2013EGFR amplification (CN 15)May 2014
MDM2 amplificationPleural massNOTCH1 loss (CN 1)Cytology positive
16 copy number variations (Supplementary Table S2).DNA yield: 1153.2 ng 30 ml effusate
284/womanBreast cancer (ER+, PR-, Her2-) metastatic toPIK3CA E542KSeptember 2009PIK3CA E542KAugust 2014
liver, omentum, pancreas and boneNF1 lossLiverNF1 loss (CN 0), CCND1 amplification (CN 7) concordant with tissueCytology positive
CCND1 amplification TP53 splice site 993+1G>A MCL1 amplificationMEN1 amplification (CN 6)July 2014 cfDNA plasmad: PI3KCA E542K 4.7%, JAK2 V617F 33.7%
318 copy number variations (Supplementary Table S2).DNA Yield: 136.9 ng 30 ml Effusate