Table 2.

Case reports and series of patients with lung adenocarcinomas and MET exon 14 alterations responding to MET inhibitors

Patient no.Age and genderSmoking statusMET exon 14 alterationsMET IHCMET ampBest responseReference
186 MNSSplice acceptor deletion2+NAPR to crizotinibJenkins et al., 2015 (50)
271 MESD1028H Splice donor mutationNANoPR to crizotinibWaqar et al., 2015 (51)
376 FESD1010HNANAPR to crizotinibMendenhall et al., 2015 (52)
480 FNSSplice donor mutation3+YesCR (PERCIST) to cabozantinibPaik et al., 2015 (44)
578 MESSplice donor deletion3+NAPR to crizotinib (lung) PD to crizotinib (liver)Paik et al., 2015 (44)
665 MESSplice donor mutationNANAPR to crizotinibPaik et al., 2015 (44)
790 FNSSplice donor mutationNANAPR to crizotinibPaik et al., 2015 (44)
867 FNSD1028N Splice donor mutationNANAPR to crizotinibMahjoubi et al., 2016 (79)
  • Abbreviations: CR, complete response; ES, ever-smoker; F, female; M, male; NA, not available; NS, never-smoker; PERCIST, PET Response Criteria in Solid Tumors; PR, partial response.