Table 1.

CCL2 expression across four independent microarrays in hepatocellular carcinoma patients

Cancer vs. normalArray typePFold changeSample size
Mas LiverRNA0.0123.324n = 115
Guichard Liver cohort 2DNA0.0362.025n = 52
TCGA LiverDNA0.0032.063n = 212
Guichard Liver cohort 1DNA0.0262.153n = 185
  • NOTE: CCL2 expression in human clinical samples (cancer vs. normal). Data provided by Oncomine (, January 2016, Thermo Fisher Scientific). TCGA database (TCGA Research Network: contains >200 hepatocellular carcinoma specimens of different etiology (HBV, HCV, alcohol, and NAFLD). Mas liver is an RNA array, which contains >100 hepatocellular carcinoma samples (mostly HCV positive; ref. 20). The Guichard liver DNA array consisting of 237 hepatocellular carcinomas of various risk factors, including HBV, HCV, alcohol, and NAFLD, was analyzed by exosome sequencing and SNP array (19).

  • Abbreviation: TCGA, The Cancer Genome Atlas.