Table 1.

Baseline characteristics among patients with resected liver metastases from colorectal cancer

N%With CLM availableWith primary tumor available
n = 149%n = 125%n = 42%
 Median (range)62 (30–80)62 (30–80)64 (47–80)
 <65 years9060.47560.02354.8
 ≥65 years5939.65040.01945.2
Timing of metastases
Number of metastasesa
Size of metastasesa
 1–50 mm12785.810785.63687.8
 >50 mm2114.21814.4512.2
Distribution of metastases
Primary tumor sitea
 Right colon3926.43225.8819.0
 Left colon6040.55141.12150.0
  • aOne patient had missing information.