Table 1.

In vitro competition binding results of PSMA-1-Pc413 and PSMA-1-IR700

IC50 (nmol/L)10.2 ± 0.312.1 ± 0.222.2 ± 0.15
  • NOTE: The assay was carried out by incubating PC3pip cells (5 × 105) with different concentrations of PSMA-1–PDT conjugates in the presence of 12 nmol/L N-[N-[(S)-1,3-dicarboxypropyl]carbamoyl]-S-[3H]-methyl-L-cysteine(3H-ZJ24). The concentration required to inhibit 50% of binding is determined (IC50) by GraphPad Prism 3.0. Values represent mean ± SD of three independent experiments. Both PSMA-1-Pc413 and PSMA-1-IR700 showed better binding affinity than the related ligand Cys-CO-Glu.