Table 1.

Upstream analysis predicts activation of eIF2a kinases

Upstream regulatorLog ratio mRNA changeMolecular typePredicted activation stateActivation z-scoreP value of overlap
ATF40.925Transcription factorActivated4.5864.20 × 10−39
EIF2AK2KinaseActivated3.9651.66 × 10−17
EIF2AK3KinaseActivated3.4317.41 × 10−28
EIF2AK4KinaseActivated2.4121.60 × 10−07

NOTE: Ingenuity Pathways Upstream Analysis of RNA-seq data comparing gene expression in HCC4017 cell after 6 hours ± 2 μmol/L SW044248 predicts activation of kinases that phosphorylate eIF2α.