Table 1B.

Associations between HSP90 expression and clinicopathologic factors in EHCC

EHCC characteristics(n = 149)(n = 73)PEHCC characteristics(n = 149)(n = 73)P
Median age (range)66.0 (33–84)66.0 (43–80)0.961Bile duct margin0.512
Sex0.707 Negative5627
 Male11053 Positive9246
 Female3920Other organ invasion0.431
Preoperative CEA level0.337 Negative5425
 ≤5.0 U/mL13263 Positive9248
 >5.0 U/mL1610UICC pathologic tumor status
Preoperative CA19-9 level<0.001a T11430.195
 ≤37 U/mL7117 T22915
 >37 U/mL7756 T39042
Average tumor size0.707 T41413
 cm (range)4.1 (0.6–11.5)4.2 (1.2–10.0)Lymph node metastasis0.053
Macroscopic type0.118 Negative8432
 Nonpolyploid12265 Positive6541
 Polypoid278UICC pathologic stage status0.089
Histologic classification (differentiated)0.106 IA + IB3212
 Papillary and well5517 IIA + IIB10146
 Moderately7446 III1414
 Poorly1810 IVA + IVB01
Depth of tumor invasion0.129c-MET0.425
 Within fm143 Negative7437
 Beyond fm13570 Positive138
Lymphatic invasion0.199EGFR0.450
 Negative8838 Negative6938
 Positive6135 Positive139
Venous invasion0.358VEGF0.443
 Negative8941 Negative3114
 Positive6032 Positive5428
Perineural invasion0.358HER20.275
 Negative5613 Negative7937
 Positive9160 Positive65

NOTE: HSP90 expression was associated only with preoperative CA19-9 level (P < 0.001) in EHCC.

  • aSignificantly different (P < 0.05).