Table 1.

Resistance profiles of 361-TM and JIMT1-TM cell lines to ADCs

361: Parental versus TM-resistantJIMT1: Parental versus TM-resistant
ADC TreatmentLinker typeParental (IC50, nmol/L)TM (IC50, nmol/L)Relative resistanceParental (IC50, nmol/L)TM (IC50, nmol/L)Relative resistance
T_MCC_DM1 (TM-ADC)NC1.6410256×5282016×
T_Mal'Peg6C2_ MMADNC3.0800267×52>1,000>19×

NOTE: Parental and TM-resistant cell lines were treated with the indicated ADCs and cytotoxicity assessed as indicated in Materials and Methods. Data are mean IC50 from multiple experiments (n = 2–26), rounded to two significant figures. Relative resistance is the ratio of the mean IC50 for the TM-resistant cell line versus the corresponding parental cell line.

Abbreviations: C, cleavable linker; NC, noncleavable linker.