Table 1.

Summary of IC50 data for efficacy of NEO212 on glioma cell lines

Cells linesU251LN229U251TRLN229TR2T98G
Temozolomide IC50, μmol/L1810NANANA
NEO212 IC50, μmol/L85404550

NOTE: Cells were treated with NEO212 and temozolomide and analyzed for cytotoxicity using the CFA. The IC50 was determined using the values obtained in Fig. 1. These values were based on the combined data of the 3 experiments performed. The IC50 for temozolomide treatment of temozolomide-resistant glioma cells could not be calculated at the doses tested; a minimal decrease in colony numbers was detected at the highest dose of temozolomide (100 μmol/L).

Abbreviation: NA, not attainable (no IC50 was reached at temozolomide 100 μmol/L).