Table 2.

Tivantinib and crizotinib inhibition (IC50) of p-MET and cell growth of cancer cells

p-MET inhibition (IC50)Growth inhibition (IC50)p-MET inhibition (IC50)Growth inhibition (IC50)
MDA-MB-231Report (5, 8)0.1–0.3 μmol/L0.55 μmol/L0.011 μmol/LNA
Test> 1 μmol/L0.65 μmol/L0.01–0.1 μmol/L2.8 μmol/L
HT-29Report (5, 8)0.1–0.3 μmol/L0.49 μmol/L0.011 μmol/LNA
Test>1 μmol/L0.54 μmol/L0.01–0.1 μmol/L2.6 μmol/L
SW1736Test≈1 μmol/L0.11 μmol/L0.1–1 μmol/L2.5 μmol/L
TL3Test≈1 μmol/L0.33 μmol/L<0.1 μmol/L2.6 μmol/L

NOTE: IC50 values of p-MET inhibition in our tests were estimated according to the Western blotting results.

Abbreviation: NA, not analyzed.