Table 1.

Clinicopathologic findings for patients with EGFR-mutant adenosquamous carcinomas

PatientaAgeGenderRaceSmoking statusStagebBiopsy #1cBiopsy #1 mutationBiopsy #2cBiopsy #2 mutationLines of therapyEGFR TKI lineBest response to EGFR TKITTP on TKI (months)OS (months)
1 (1)61MWhiteNeverIVSquamous (L1)dexon 19 delAdenosquamous (LLL lung)exon 19 del32nd linePR12.127.5
2 (2)71FWhiteNeverIVSquamous (RLL lung)dexon 19 delAdenocarcinoma (RLL lung)exon 19 del21st lineUnavailable19.632.9+
3 (3)58FWhiteNeverIVSquamous (RUL lung)exon 19 delAdenosquamous (LLL lung)†exon 19 del32nd lineSD23.632.2+
4 (4)45FHispanicNeverIVSquamous (sacrum)exon 19 delAdenocarcinoma (pleural fluid)exon 19 del22nd lineUnavailableUnavailable15.3
5 (5)46MAsianNeverIVSquamous (R lung)exon 19 delAdenocarcinoma (SC LN)exon 19 del11st linePR5.0+6.6+
6 (6)73MWhiteFormer (25 PY)IVSquamous (adrenal)exon 19 delAdenocarcinoma (SC LN)insufficient23rd lineUnavailableUnavailable29.8
7 (10)58MAsianNeverIVSquamous (bronchus)L858RSquamous (T8)insufficient11st linePR1.92.5
8 (new)76MWhiteNeverIVeSquamous (R lung)dinsufficientAdenocarcinoma (L lung)exon 19 del11st linePR5.35.3+
9 (new)68MWhiteNeverIVSquamous (L lung)L858RNoneN/A44th linePR2.8+24.0+
10 (new)30FAsianNeverIVAdenosquamous (R lung)L858RNoneN/A21st linePR8.410.9+
11 (new)50MWhiteNeverIVAdenosquamous (L lung)exon 19 delNoneN/A11st linePR9.2+9.6+

Abbreviations: SC LN, supraclavicular lymph node; PR, partial response; SD, stable disease; PY, pack years; TTP, time to progression.

  • NOTE: The majority of patients were diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in at least 1 sample.

  • aIn parentheses are corresponding patient IDs in reference 8.

  • bStage at the time of TKI treatment.

  • cBiopsy numbers are not chronological: biopsy #1 represents the index case (EGFR mutant SCC).

  • dAcquired resistance biopsy.

  • ePrevious stage IIA treated with induction cisplatin + pemetrexed followed by LLL lobectomy, with subsequent development of bilateral pulmonary nodules and a recurrent parenchymal lesion at the lobectomy site.