Table 1.

Differential regulation of Gene Ontology biologic processes and KEGG pathways involved in invasion

TermCount% of gene listP value
Biologic processes involved in invasion
GO:0006928 ∼ cell motility783.48%1.15E-07
GO:0016477 ∼ cell migration562.50%2.52E-07
GO:0032989 ∼ cellular structure morphogenesis703.12%3.48E-03
GO:0009611 ∼ response to wounding612.72%5.33E-03
GO:0007155 ∼ cell adhesion1145.08%2.27E-05
KEGG pathways involved in invasion
hsa04512 ∼ ECM-receptor interaction190.85%1.79E-02
hsa04510 ∼ focal adhesion361.60%1.49E-02

NOTE: Gene Expression Omnibus accession no. GSE40776.

Abbreviation: KEGG, Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes.