Table 2.

Production of metastasis by SCLC cells expressing low level of DII4 with or without DII4-Fc in NK cell–depleted SCID mice

No. of metastatic coloniesa
Cell lineIncidenceLiver weight (g)LiverLungBone
SBC-5-vector8/81.4 (0.7–2.0)43.8 (24–91)54.3 (8–90)4.0 (1–5)
SBC-5-DII4-Fc9/91.3 (1.1–1.5)30.8 (15–68)69.7 (47–102)2.8 (1–5)

NOTE: The statistical significance of difference was analyzed by one-way ANOVA and post hoc pairwise comparisons were done by Newman–Keuls multiple comparison test.

  • aValues are the means (minimum−maximum).