Table 1.

Expression of PDGF-AA and VEGF-A and response to PDGFRα inhibition in lung cancer cell lines grown in culture and in vivo

Cell lineAvg PDGF-AA (ng/mL/105 cells ± SD)Avg VEGF-A (ng/mL/105 cells ± SD)Ratio PDGF-AA/VEGF-ARatio VEGF-A/PDGF AAIn vitro anti-human PDGFRα mAb IC50 (μg/mL)aIn vivo anti-mouse PDGFRα mAb tumor/control volume
Calu-60.0708 ± 0.03500.1388 ± 0.07690.5101.960>5000.51
A5490.07833 ± 0.02320.8518 ± 0.2550.09210.874>5000.66
H19930.0235 ± 0.0148b1.5476 ± 0.1780.01565.855>5001.21
H20730.0086 ± 0.0010b0.5224 ± 0.1310.01660.742>500N/A
H1703Bld2.0254 ± 0.0784N/AN/A34N/A
  • NOTE: Cells were grown for 96 hours at 37°C and 5% CO2. Supernatants were collected and analyzed by ELISAs to quantitate secreted VEGF-A and PDGF-AA.

  • Abbreviations: Bld, below limits of detection; N/A, not applicable; SD, standard deviation.

  • aWith the exception of H1703, all tested NSCLC cell lines (N = 29) were resistant to anti-PDGFRα antibody therapy in vitro (IC50 > 500 μg/mL).

  • bExtrapolated values.