Table 2.

Clinicopathologic findings for patients with EGFR-mutant solid pseudosquamous adenocarcinomas

PatientaAgeGenderRaceSmoking statusStagebInitial diagnosis (site)MutationRe-reviewLines of therapyEGFR TKI lineBest response to EGFR TKITTP on TKI (months)OS (months)
12 (11)89FAsianNeverIVSquamous (lung)L858RAdenocarcinoma11st lineSD7.616.5
13 (12)53FWhiteFormer (31)IVcSquamous (lung)exon 19 delAdenocarcinoma11st linePR12.420.6+

NOTE: Both patients were initially diagnosed with squamous cell carcinomas.

Abbreviation: TTP, time to progression.

  • aIn parentheses are corresponding patient IDs in reference 8.

  • bStage at the time of TKI treatment.

  • cPrevious stage IB s/p adjuvant cisplatin + docetaxel followed by RLL lobectomy, which was subsequently followed by a metastatic recurrence.