Table 2.

IC50 values after irradiation of 3 with 5 J/cm2 UVA radiation (λmax = 365 nm; cut-off below 320 nm)

IC50 value (μmol/L; 95% CI)
Cell type5 J/cm2 UVASham5 J/cm2 TL03
HaCaT6.8 (5.4–8.6)>244.486.0 (43.7–169.0)
HepG25.0 (3.7–6.7)>244.4NTb
A27801.9 (1.8–2.1)>244.4NT
A2780CISa16.9 (14.2–20.3)>244.4NT
SHSY5Y2.0 (1.5–2.7)>244.4NT
OE1910.0 (8.3–12.1)>244.432.0 (13.3–76.8)

NOTE: HaCaT and OE19 cells were also irradiated with 5 J/cm2 blue visible light, TL03 (λmax = 420 nm; cut-off below 400 nm) in a separate set of experiments at 37°C. Cell proliferation determined by the Neutral Red phototoxicity assay. Data represent the mean of 6–9 monolayers from 2–3 independent experiments.

  • a5-fold resistance to cisplatin.

  • bNT: Not tested.