Table 2.

The relationships between miRNA and gene expression as well as between gene expression and platinum sensitivity in HapMap CEU replication samples

P values and direction of relationshipWhether direction agreed with the discovery phase
miRNAP values between miRNA and geneGeneCarboplatin IC50 (direction)Cisplatin IC50 (direction)CarboplatinCisplatin
miR-193b*1.8E-2CRIM18.4E-2 (−)4.6E-2 (−)YY
7.0E-3IFIT23.6E-2 (−)1.7E-3 (−)YY
5.9E-1OAS11.0E-1 (−)1.5E-1 (−)YY
miR-320a8,7E-1GRAMD1B1.1E-3 (+)2.1E-3 (+)YY
2.0E-1KCNMA14.6E-3 (+)3.0E-3 (+)YY

NOTE: −, increased gene expression resulted in decreased drug IC50, suggesting greater sensitivity. Vice versa for + direction.

Bold, P values meet the P < 0.05 threshold in replication samples.