Table 4.

Median TTF and OS by platinum sensitivity and BRCA mutation status (results of Kaplan–Meier analyses)

OutcomeBRCA-positive rEOCNH rEOCP
Platinum-resistant population, no. of patients.n = 9n = 35
Median TTF, mo11.45.5
95% CI3.6–35.43.9–10.00.46
Median OS, mo25.120.2
95% CI9.7–indeterminate11.0–36.30.21
Platinum-sensitive population, no. of patients.n = 31n = 80
Median TTF, mo16.49.4
95% CI11.4–24.56.7–11.60.01
Median OS, mo74.724.5
95% CI32.4–indeterminate17.0–44.20.006

Abbreviations: NH, nonhereditary; TTF, time to treatment failure; OS, overall survival.