Table 1.

Topological feature set and medians of the topological features between prostate cancer miRNA set and non–prostate cancer miRNA or general background miRNA set

Prostate cancerNon–prostate cancerBackground
DoutThe number of dysregulated target genes10660.08650.0104
NmiRNAThe number of its coregulators115.57.50.01500.0587
Rtarpc-miRNAThe proportion of prostate cancer miRNAs in its coregulator set0.23810.07270.10871.7E-8<0.0001
Rtarpc-miRNAThe fraction of targets which are coregulated by itself and other prostate cancer miRNAs0.16670.04860.09760.03030.0554
Fold_CFold changes in expression0.89421.08370.94190.000130.9309

NOTE: Significances between prostate cancer miRNAs and 2 control sets are listed, respectively.

  • aCalculated by Wilcoxon rank-sum test by comparing feature values of prostate cancer miRNAs with those of non–prostate cancer miRNAs.

  • bCalculated by permutation test to compare prostate cancer miRNAs and general background miRNAs.