Table 1.

Radiation response of glioblastoma cells upon treatment with BV6 and radiation

Cell line treatmentPlating efficiency [%]α [Gy−1]β [Gy−2]LD50 [Gy]Radiation enhancement ratioLD10 [Gy]Radiation enhancement ratio
 Mock treated32.40.22740.01782.546.66
 DMSO treated28.60.18130.02322.816.79
 BV6 [1.5 μmol/L]1.10.00001.14880.783.621.424.80
 Mock treated15.70.21420.00293.119.53
 DMSO treated16.00.19840.00503.239.39
 BV6 [1.5 μmol/L]6.20.27380.00452.431.337.491.25
 Mock treated14.20.23710.00672.727.94
 DMSO treated13.90.22240.00802.838.03
 BV6 [1.5 μmol/L]8.00.19050.01462.960.957.631.05

NOTE: Radiation enhancement ratios at 50% (LD50) and 10% survival (LD10) were calculated by transforming the linear quadratic equation (SF = exp [−α × D − β × D2]) using α and β values of the individual survival curves.