Table 1.

FTS alters the transcriptome of ST88-14 cells and the expression of EMT-related genes

Upregulated genesCell differentiation70510.38E-065.01
Regulation of cell proliferation3284.830.02
Regulation of cell death3234.750.05
Cell–cell adhesion1412.081.05E-05
Regulation of cell migration751.10.01
Downregulated genesProgrammed cell death2617.920.002
Establishment of localization in cell2567.771.34E-04
Protein transport2166.565.74E-04
Regulation of cell proliferation2026.139.55E-04
Cell motion1584.80.004
Cytoskeleton organization1394.222.97E-05
Microtubule cytoskeleton organization461.48.43E-04

NOTE: The GO-term analysis of active genes of FTS-treated ST88-14 cells was carried out with the DAVID bioinformatic database using the active genes in the microarray results.