Table 5.

Best response to treatment and correlative studies

Patient #Tumor typeBest response (duration)Change in PBMC BIM expression upon treatmentPhospho-p42/44 IHC on archived tumors
1NSCLCPDNo expressionNo tumor available
2MelanomaPDDecreaseNo tumor available
3MelanomaPDIncreaseNo tumor available
4OvarySD (2.5 mo)No expressionaPositive
5NSCLCSD (5.5 mo)IncreaseaPositive
6ColonSD (3.25 mo)No expressionNegative
7ColonPDNo expressionNegative
8NSCLCSD (6 mo)IncreaseaPositive
9PancreasPDIncreaseNo tumor available
10NSCLCPR (7.5 mo)IncreaseaPositive
11ColonPDNo changeNo tumor available
12NSCLCNENo changeaPositive
13PancreasSD (4 mo)No changeaPositive
16NSCLCPDIncreaseNo tumor available

Abbreviations: NSCLC, non-small-cell lung carcinoma; PD, progressive disease; SD, stable disease; PR, partial response; NE, not evaluable.

  • aPositive: more than 5% of tumor specimen exhibited at least low (1+) to moderate (2+) staining intensity, as manually and independently evaluated by 2 study investigators.