Table 3.

Synergistic inhibition of cell proliferation by MK-2206 combined with five chemotherapeutic agents in A2780 ovarian and NCI-H460 NSCLC cell lines

Chemotherapeutic agentsMode of actionCombination index
A2780 ovarian cellsNCI-H460 NSCLC cells
DoxorubicinTopo inhibitors0.700.430.
CamptothecinTopo inhibitors0.560.400.290.390.390.63
CarboplatinDNA cross-linkers0.490.430.380.350.300.37

NOTE: Cells were simultaneously treated for 72 h with MK-2206 and chemotherapeutic agents at constant concentration ratios spanning the IC50 dose of each agent. The CI values were determined by the same procedure described in Table 1. A2780 has WT Ras and PTEN deletion (K128-R130), whereas NCI-H460 has PIK3CA mutation (E545K) and K-Ras activation mutation (Q61H).