Table 2.

Synopsis of biopsies and clinical parameters for the patients included in this biomarker study

Patient no.Site of primary tumorSite of biopsyPHA-793887 dose (mg/m2)Exposure AUC 0-∞ on day 15 (μmol/L·h)Cmax (μmol/L)No. cycles received
2Uterus leiomyosarcomaLung111.690.952
3Epithelioid angiomyolipomaPelvis111.640.755
6Parotid gland adenocarcinomaLung223.572.344
8Kidney papillary carcinomaLymph node under clavicula446.044.368
15Abdominal sarcomaAbdominal mass445.453.694
16Breast carcinomaPeritoneal448.14.251