Table 1.

Genes included in the 58-gene signature

Functional categoryGenes
Cell cycle regulation and transcription controlCCNA2, CCND1, CCNE2, CDC25A, CKS1B, E2F2, E2F8, EGR1, HMGA1
DNA replication and DNA repairCDC6, MCM2, MCM3, MCM4, MCM5, MCM6, MCM7, MSH2, ORC1L, ORC6L, POLA, RFC3, RRM1, RRM2, RPA3, TK1, TYMS
Chromosome organizationCENPA, H1FX, HIST1H1C, HIST1H2AA, HIST1H2AE, HIST1H3H, HIST1H4C, H2AFZ, HIST2H2BE, HIST2H4, H3F3B
Mitosis and mitotic spindle checkpointASPM, C13ORF3, CCNB1, CCNB2, CDC20, ESPL1, PLK1, PLK4, STK6, TP53, WEE1
ApoptosisAPAF1, CASP3
MiscellaneousCCNF, DHFR, FLJ40629, JUNB, KIFf2C, LOC146909, MKI67, RNU2