Table 1.

Antitumorigenic effect of AD5-10 alone and/or in combination with carboplatin in a xenograft nude ovarian cancer mouse model

GroupNo. mice sacrificed upon tumor development
14th day23rd day25th day28th dayTumor-free mice after observation period
Control (n = 7)7*0 (0%)
AD5-10 (n = 5)311 (20%)
Carboplatin (n = 6)411 (16.7%)
AD5-10 + carboplatin (n = 7)1114 (57.2%)

NOTE: (a) Two mice in the AD5-10 and one mouse in the carboplatin-treated group were excluded from the statistical analysis due to inoculation resulting in i.p. tumor. (b) On day 14, all tumor-bearing mice were sacrificed; the remaining mice were sacrificed upon reaching the final tumor volume of ∼4,000 mm3.

  • *One tumor-bearing mouse died before sacrificing.

  • Sacrificed due to subcutaneous tumor development and ascites.

  • One mouse without tumor was sacrificed for the photograph in Fig. 3C on day 14.