Table 4.

The different dosing schedules of the efficacy studies shown under Fig. 2A and B are compared with regard to the total administered dose, TGI, and body weight loss

Dosing ScheduleDoseTotal dose in 3 wkTGI (day 21)Max. body weight loss (study day)Body weight loss (day 21)
Daily25 mg/kg525 mg/kg37%*9.1% (day 9)5.7%
Daily50 mg/kg1,050 mg/kg61%***10.0% (day 17)7.7%
Daily75 mg/kg1,575 mg/kg76%***8.6% (day 17)6.3%
Daily100 mg/kg2,100 mg/kg97%***16.6% (day 19)15.5%
Twice a day37.5 mg/kg1,575 mg/kg84%***14.7% (day 20)14.4%
Every other day125 mg/kg1,375 mg/kg81%***6.8% (day 206.1%
3d on-4d off150 mg/kg1,350 mg/kg82%***14.7% (day 13)9.7%