Table 3.

Univariate Cox regression analysis of metastasis-free survival

VariableHazard ratio95% confidence intervalZ valueP
Age (y)
    <10 or ≥101.920.4488.210.8780.380
    <20 or ≥201.940.8364.5121.550.120
    <30 or ≥301.590.4715.3560.7460.460
    Male or female0.4330.1601.173−1.640.100
Original site
    Lower or upper1.140.3383.8240.2070.840
    Proximal or distal0.930.4012.154−0.1710.860
Histologic subtype
    Osteoblastic or others1.2400.4503.4230.4160.680
Response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy
    Poor or good0.6270.241.638−0.9540.340
Metastasis at diagnosis
    Abscent or present0.6570.1532.813−0.5650.570
ASS protein expression
    Negative or positive0.3190.1080.945−2.060.039*
  • *P value of < 0.05 was considered significant.