Table 1.

MT-mTer reprograms telomerase enzyme to add mutated telomeric repeats

Telomerase activity (as % of vector control)*
Amplification: ACX reverse primer (specific to wild-type TTAGGG)Amplification: 4A10A reverse primer (specific to mutant TTTGGG)
Extension: 4 dNTPsExtension: dGTP and dTTPExtension: 4 dNTPsExtension: dGTP and dTTP
Vector control100005

NOTE: When MT-mTer and MT-mTer/siRNA are overexpressed, significantly more telomeric products (270% and 350%, respectively) are detected using a TTTGGG-specific (“4A10A”) reverse primer in the second (amplification) step of RT-PCR TRAP, an effect that is preserved even when just dGTP and dTTP are added in the first (extension) step of the reaction. Activity values are % of vector control and are means of triplicates; all values differ from vector control with statistical significance (P < 0.01).

  • *All activity values are means of triplicates.

  • Extension and amplification steps illustrated in Fig. 2D.