Table 2.

Effect of TNF status on proliferation and apoptosis in the mammary epithelium of neu/erbB2 transgenic mice

Proliferation or apoptosis within mammary ducts and lobulesTNF−/−TNF+/+
Ducts: Ki67-positive nuclei (%)33.2 ± 1.6a45.2 ± 1.7b
Lobules: Ki67-positive nuclei (%)43.3 ± 1.4a54.1 ± 1.2b
Ducts: TUNEL-positive cells (%)6.7 ± 1.5a7.3 ± 1.7a
Lobules: TUNEL-positive cells (%)5.7 ± 0.7a9.9 ± 1.8b

NOTE: Values are mean ± SE from 10 mice per group. A total of 119 to 120 ducts or lobules were counted in each group. Means in a row without a common letter are statistically different.