Table 2.

Characteristics of patients with CML, whose CD34+ cells were used for testing triptolide sensitivity

PatientSourceBlast (%)Treatment and responses at the time of samplingBcr-Abl mutation statusBlast crisis lineage
1Peripheral blood59Resistant to or relapsed from various treatment including IFN, imatinib, dasatinib, fludarabine + ara-C bid, and i.v. homoharringtonine + imatinibF317LMyeloid
2Peripheral blood17Resistant to various therapies including IFN + low-dose ara-C, imatinib, nilotinib, and dasatinibWild-typeMyeloid
3Peripheral blood58Resistant to imatinib and nilotinibF317LLymphoid
4Peripheral blood58Achieved short hematologic remission with idarubicin + ara-C/imatinib but soon after had evidence of Philadelphia-positive chromosome, resistant to dasatinib and MK-0457T315IMyeloid
5Bone marrow60Achieved hematologic response with imatinib and dasatinib, achieved and then lost cytogenetic response to dasatinib, was on bosutinibV299LMyeloid