Table 1.

Characteristics of CML patients treated with triptolide in vitro

PatientBlast (%)Sample sourceIn vivo treatments and responses at the time of samplingBcr-Abl mutation statusBlast crisis lineageIn vitro triptolide treatment
IC50 (nmol/L)Western blot
149Peripheral bloodResistant to imatinib and nilotinibM351TMyeloid32.5XIAP
262Peripheral bloodResistant to imatinibWild-typeMyeloid178.9XIAP, Mcl-1, Bcr-Abl
380Peripheral bloodResistant to imatinib, nilotinib, and other therapiesWild-typeMyeloid84.1
3a83Bone marrowWild-type87.9
491Peripheral bloodHydrea, later diedWild-typeMyeloid43.0
587Peripheral bloodNo cytogenetic remission with imatinib, dasatinib, or nilotinibWild-typeMyeloid111.7XIAP, Mcl-1, Bcr-Abl
664Peripheral bloodFailed imatinib and other chemotherapiesWild-typeBi-lineage206.2XIAP, Mcl-1, Bcr-Abl