Table 5.

Summary of case-control studies assessing the VEGF polymorphisms in relation to risk of prostate cancer

PolymorphismEthnicityCase-ControlGenotypeAssociation of Cancer Risk with Respect to VEGF GenotypeORL95% CIU95% CIOR AdjustedL95% CIU95% CIReference No.
−1498C > T*Taiwanese96/119CT vs. CCNo0.
TT vs. CCNo1.
T vs. CYes (increases risk)
Turkish133/157CT vs. CCNo1.440.842.42(56)
TT vs. CCNo1.280.513.2
(CT or TT) vs. CCNo1.420.842.37
Japanese270/252CT vs. TTNo0.980.681.4(51)
TT vs. CCNo1.020.971.39
(CT or TT) vs. CCNo1.030.571.88
−1154G > A§Tunisian101/100GA vs. GGYes (decreases risk)0.460.240.87(55)
AA vs. GGYes (decreases risk)
(GA or AA) vs. GGYes (decreases risk)0.420.230.76
(GA or GG) vs. AANo0.390.121.14
UK Caucasian238/263GA vs. GGNo1.050.721.55(53)
(GA or GG) vs. AAYes (decreases risk)0.450.240.86
AA vs. GGYes (decreases risk)0.460.220.93
(GA or AA) vs. GGNo0.910.631.32
−634G > CTunisian101/100GC vs. GGNo1.880.983.62(55)
CC vs. GGNo2.280.826.38
(GC or CC) vs. GGYes (increases risk)1.951.043.65
Austrian702/702CC vs. GGNo1.080.861.35(58)
936C > TTunisian101/100CT vs. CCNo0.680.331.37(55)
TT vs. CCNo1.820.1351.93
(CT or TT) vs. CCNo0.720.361.43
Austrian702/702TT vs. CCNo1.160.911.48(58)
−2578C > AAustrian702/702CC vs. AANo0.960.751.24(58)
−2489C > TAustrian702/702CC vs. TTNo0.970.751.25(58)
−1498C > TAustrian702/702CC vs. TTNo10.771.28(58)
−7C > TAustrian702/702CC vs. TTNo1.090.861.39(58)
1612G > AAustrian702/702GG vs. AANo0.950.741.23(58)
−1154G/-634CTunisian101/100Ref: -1154G/-634GNo1.120.671.88(55)
−1154A/-634GTunisianYes (decreases risk)0.480.280.84

Abbreviations: L, lower; U, upper; Ref, reference haplotype.

  • *Test for homogeneity of OR: pooled OR (95% CI); CT versus CC, P = 0.069, 0.80 (0.18–3.54); TT versus CC, P = 0.90, 1.05 (0.78–1.40); (CT or TT) versus CC, P = 0.42, 1.24 (0.84–1.83).

  • OR inverted from original publication.

  • Calculated OR.

  • §Test for homogeneity of OR: pooled OR (95% CI); GA versus GG, P = 0.029, 0.72 (0.32–1.63); AA versus GG, P = 0.41, 0.40 (0.22–0.72); (GA or AA) versus GG, P = 0.030, 0.64 (0.30–1.38).