Table 4.

Summary of case-control studies assessing the VEGF polymorphisms in relation to risk of colon cancer

PolymorphismEthnicityCase-ControlGenotypeAssociation of Cancer Risk with Respect to VEGF GenotypeORL95%CIU95%CIReference No.
936C > T*Korean262/229CT vs. CCNo1.450.972.16(43)
TT vs. CCNo2.980.7911.21
(CT or TT) vs. CCYes (increases risk)1.521.032.25
NR465/413CT vs. CCNo0.890.671.18(45)
TT vs. CCNo1.190.52.35
(CT or TT) vs. CCNo0.920.71.21
T vs. CNo0.960.761.21
Austrian427/427CT vs. CCNo0.760.551.05(48)
TT vs. CCNo0.680.271.7
(CT or TT) vs. CCNo0.750.551.02
-2578C > AKorean246/203CA vs. CCNo0.720.491.07(44)
AA vs. CCNo0.660.311.43
(CA or AA) vs. CCNo0.710.491.04
Austrian433/427CA vs. CCNo10.71.43(48)
AA vs. CCNo1.310.881.95
(CA or AA) vs. CCNo1.10.781.54
-634G > C§NR465/413GC vs. GGYes (decreases risk)0.550.410.75(45)
CC vs. GGNo0.810.551.18
(GC or CC) vs. GGYes (decreases risk)0.620.470.83
C vs. GNo0.860.711.04
Austrian432/430GC vs. GGNo0.980.741.3(48)
CC vs. GGNo1.090.691.72
(GC or CC) vs. GGNo10.761.31
-634C/936CNRRef: -634G/936CYes (decreases risk)0.530.430.66(45)
-634G/936TNRRef: -634G/936CYes (decreases risk)0.560.420.74

Abbreviations: NR, not reported; L, lower; U, upper; Ref, reference haplotype.

  • *Test for homogeneity of OR: pooled OR (95% CI); CT versus CC, P = 0.042, 0.98 (0.70–1.37); TT versus CC, P = 0.20, 1.17 (0.57–2.39); (CT or TT) versus CC, P = 0.019, 1.00 (0.69–1.44).

  • Calculated OR.

  • Test for homogeneity of OR: pooled OR (95% CI); CA versus CC, P = 0.22, 0.86 (0.62–1.19); AA versus CC, P = 0.12, 1.01 (0.53–1.93); (CA or AA) versus CC, P = 0.095, 0.89 (0.58–1.36).

  • §Test for homogeneity of OR: pooled OR (95% CI); GC versus GG, P = 0.0070, 0.74 (0.42–1.30); CC versus GG, P = 0.33, 0.91 (0.68–1.22); (GC or CC) versus GG, P = 0.018, 0.79 (0.49–1.26).