Table 2.

Summary of case-control studies assessing the VEGF polymorphisms in relation to risk of breast cancer

PolymorphismEthnicityCase-ControlGenotypeAssociation of Cancer Risk with Respect to VEGF GenotypeOROR Adjusted (Yes or No)L95% CIU95% CIReference No.
936 C > T*Austrian Caucasian500/500CC vs. (CT or TT)Yes (decreases risk)0.51No0.380.7(22)
TT vs. CCNo0.77No0.292.03
Polish412/422CT vs. CCNo0.87No0.631.21(24)
TT vs. CCNo1.27No0.533.05
CC vs. (CT or TT)No0.91No0.671.23
German153/163CT vs. CCNo1.07No0.591.93(24)
TT vs. CCNo0.53No0.073.46
CC vs. (CT or TT)No1.01No0.581.75
Swedish924/934CT vs. CCNo1.02No0.811.28(24)
TT vs. CCNo1.11No0.452.71
CC vs. (CT or TT)No1.03No0.821.28
Chinese1,109/1,195CT vs. CCNo1.01No0.851.21(26)
TT vs. CCYes (decreases risk)0.65No0.411.02
CC vs. (CT or TT)No0.97No0.811.15
Caucasian (98%)488/479CC vs. (CT or TT)No1.02Yes0.761.36(27)
UK Caucasian848/708TT vs. CCNo1.42No0.673.07(28)
CC vs. (CT or TT)No1.08No0.851.36
Polish Caucasian319/290TT vs. CCNo0.82No0.262.6(32)
CC vs. (CT or TT)Yes (decreases risk)0.69No0.480.99
NR60/60CC vs. (CT or TT)Yes (increases risk)6.91Yes1.8432(30)
-2578 C > APolish411/423CA vs. CCNo0.96No0.681.36(24)
AA vs. CCNo1.04No0.71.54
AA vs. (CA or CC)No1.07No0.781.46
German153/162CA vs. CCNo1.18No0.682.06(24)
AA vs. CCNo0.97No0.51.86
AA vs. (CA or CC)No0.87No0.511.49
Swedish939/940CA vs. CCNo0.99No0.791.24(24)
AA vs. CCNo1No0.771.29
AA vs. (CA or CC)No1No0.811.24
98% Caucasian498/495CA vs. AANo1.18Yes0.861.61(27)
89% Caucasian + 7% AANR (total 656)AA vs. CC§No0.8Yes0.561.14
AA vs.(CA or CC)Yes (increases risk)1.99Yes1.063.74(31)
-1154 G > ANR134/263AA vs. GGNo0.61No0.271.3(23)
Polish411/423GA vs. GGNo1.22No0.911.65(24)
AA vs. GGNo1.23No0.761.97
German159/163GA vs. GGNo0.76No0.461.25(24)
AA vs. GGNo0.85No0.391.89
98% Caucasian495/492GA vs. AANo1.01Yes0.661.55(27)
AA vs. GG§No0.78Yes0.511.19
-634 G > CChinese1,095/1,198CG vs. CCNo0.81No0.641.02(26)
CC vs. GG§No1.12No0.881.44
UK Caucasian490/498CG vs. CCNo1.03No0.681.56(28)
CC vs. GGNo0.82No0.541.26
GC vs. GGNo0.85No0.651.12
Swedish936/941GC vs. GGNo1No0.821.21(24)
CC vs. GGNo1.05No0.741.47
CG vs. CCNo0.95No0.681.34
98% Caucasian495/500GC vs. GGNo1.05Yes0.81.37(27)
CC vs. GGNo1.18Yes0.761.83
-1498 C > T**Chinese1,123/1,222CT vs. TTNo0.94No0.791.12(26)
CC vs. TTNo1.23No0.891.7
CC vs. (CT or TT)No1.26No0.921.73
UK Caucasian493/498CT vs. TTNo1.04No0.771.4(28)
CC vs. TTNo1.1No0.771.59
CC vs. (CT or TT)No1.07No0.81.45
89% Caucasian + 7% AANR (total 656)CC vs. (CT or TT)Yes (increases risk)2.01Yes1.083.76(31)
-1498T/-634G/936TChineseRef: -1498T/-634C/936CYes (decreases risk)0.67No0.431.04(26)
-2578A/-1154A/-634G98% Caucasian1 HC vs. 0Yes (decreases risk)0.69Yes0.510.92(27)
2 HC vs. 0Yes (decreases risk)0.62Yes0.381
-2578A/-1154G/-634G1 HC vs. 0No0.97Yes0.711.33
2 HC vs. 0No1.71Yes0.74.15
-2578C/-1154G/-634G1 HC vs. 0No1.27Yes0.941.72
2 HC vs. 0No1.68Yes0.783.61
-2578C/-1154G/-634C1 HC vs. 0No1.07Yes0.81.43

Abbreviations: HC, haplotype copy numbers; NR, not reported; L, lower; U, upper; AA, African-American; Ref, reference haplotype.

  • *Test for homogeneity of OR: pooled OR (95% CI); CT versus CC, P = 0.86, 0.99 (0.88–1.13); TT versus CC, P = 0.61, 0.86 (0.64–1.16); CC versus (CT or TT), P = 0.0010, 0.91 (0.76–1.10).

  • Calculated OR.

  • Test for homogeneity of OR: pooled OR (95% CI); CA versus CC, P = 0.82, 1.00 (0.84–1.20); AA versus CC, P = 0.73, 0.95 (0.80–1.13); AA versus (CA or CC), P = 0.20, 1.08 (0.86–1.35).

  • §OR inverted from original publication.

  • Test for homogeneity of OR: pooled OR (95% CI); AA versus GG, P = 0.36, 0.89 (0.67–1.18); GA versus GG, P = 0.11, 1.01 (0.64–1.59).

  • Test for homogeneity of OR: pooled OR (95% CI); GC versus GG, P = 0.52, 0.97 (0.85–1.11); GC versus CC, P = 0.52, 0.88 (0.74–1.05); CC versus GG, P = 0.62, 1.06 (0.89–1.25).

  • **Test for homogeneity of OR: pooled OR (95% CI); CT versus TT, P = 0.57, 0.96 (0.83–1.12); CC versus TT, P = 0.66, 1.17 (0.92–1.49); CC versus (CT or TT), P = 0.21, 1.23 (1.00–1.51).